Make it easy for your patients

One less thing to worry about

Research shows is the easiest

telemedicine tool for patients

No downloads works automatically in popular browsers, no need to download additional software or plugins.

No patient accounts

Patients don’t create accounts. They simply go to your personalized room URL (e.g. to meet you.

Familiar workflow

Patients follow a familiar workflow: they check in then wait in the waiting room room until it’s time to start the call.

HIPAA COMPLIANT is HIPAA compliant, so patient privacy is maintained.


Our simple interface makes it easy for patients to meet with you.


Patients don’t need to create an account or login to meet with you.


A single URL is all that is needed for the patient to start a call with you.

NO DOWNLOADS works in popular browsers without requiring downloads.


End-to-end encryption is always used and identifying information is never recorded.

Patient will love the simplicity of

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Patient don't create accounts, only clinicians