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The definitive guide to mastering telehealth

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About the book
A must-read for anyone in the healthcare industry

In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, the healthcare landscape experienced an unprecedented transformation, thrusting millions of clinicians into telehealth. What was once a niche method of providing care rapidly became the new standard overnight.

While some healthcare providers have adapted well, many find themselves wrestling with the challenges of telehealth. Mastering telehealth requires an entirely different set of tools and practices―ones that are not typically taught in medical schools. So what distinguishes those who flourish from those who struggle?

In what is becoming the quintessential guide to telehealth, experts Dr. Brandon M. Welch and Dr. Aditi U. Joshi invite readers to explore what it takes to be successful with telemedicine. Enriched by captivating case studies, groundbreaking research, and firsthand experiences, Drs. Welch and Joshi unravel the complexities of telehealth, offering invaluable insights into its failures, successes, and untapped potential.

The structure
Success with telemedicine rests upon five essential pillars
  • 1. Patient success
    Patients need to receive the quality of care they desire, in the way they prefer.
  • 2. Clinician success
    Clinicians and organizations need to provide quality care in a way that works for them.
  • 3. Technology success
    Telehealth technology must work well and be easy to use.
  • 4. Financial success
    Clinicians, payers, and patients need to benefit financially from using telehealth.
  • 5. Compliance success
    Clinicians need to stay out of legal trouble and use healthcare laws and regulations to their advantage.
The authors

Brandon M. Welch, MS, PhD

Brandon M. Welch, MS, PhD, is an NIH-funded researcher, innovator, and CEO of, a leading telemedicine software company used by over 1 million providers worldwide.

Dr. Welch holds a MS in Human Genetics from Tulane University and a PhD in Biomedical Informatics from the University of Utah. He is also an associate professor at the Medical University of South Carolina.

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Aditi U. Joshi, MD, MSc

Aditi U. Joshi, MD, MSc is a consultant, telehealth and digital health expert, speaker, and emergency medicine physician. She serves on the American Medical Association’s Digital Medicine Payment Advisory Group and is Councilor for the Telehealth Committee of the American College of Emergency Physicians.

Dr. Joshi holds an MD from the University of Illinois-Chicago and an MS in International Health Policy from the London School of Economics.

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