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CEO's message about patient privacy

Some video platforms and health technology companies have changed their terms of service to allow for the use of patient data to train AI models. does not store patient health information. Our CEO and Co-founder Dr. Brandon M. Welch explains how handles patient data in this video.

Video transcript

Recently, some video platforms and health technology companies have changed their terms of service to allow the use of patient data for the training of AI learning models. This has justifiably raised concern within the healthcare community. As a result, we at have received a lot of questions about how to handle patient data. 

We want to respond to those questions with a clear message. By design, does not collect and store patient health information. As a result, no patient data is available to train AI learning models. We believe that the provider-patient relationship is sacred. Information exchanged during a conversation between a patient and their provider must be kept private and secure with the utmost care. That's why we have designed to use the minimum information necessary to provide a simple and secure video visit. 

To use our service, even our free version, we don't require patients to create accounts, use personal identifiers, or enter health information. All communication between the patient and their provider is encrypted and never stored by Fundamentally, we do not believe that we have the right to use information discussed between a patient and their provider. Indeed, information exchanged during a patient-provider interaction should never be used without the knowledge, consent, and due benefit given to the participants. 

Patients and providers should not have to worry about the privacy and security of their information. Rest assured that has been independently audited and found to be compliant with HIPAA, SOC 2 Type 2, and other industry standards for privacy and security. 

We invite all healthcare professionals to use for a private and secure telehealth visit.