The Best Telehealth Solution for South Carolina

In South Carolina, telehealth has spread far and wide since the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic. While lockdowns forced many providers to adopt telehealth solutions, there were many groups in South Carolina already using the technology, such as Palmetto Care Connections. PCC’s main goal is to bring better broadband to rural areas in the state. They also educate South Carolinians in technological literacy, and have hosted an annual telehealth summit every year since 2013! This year’s summit takes place from November 8th-10th, and if you’re curious about telehealth, you should definitely check it out.

Even though the pandemic accelerated the adoption of telehealth, it still would have found its way to South Carolina because it’s the perfect state for telehealth to thrive in. However, if you’re unsure about whether telehealth is right for you, please read on.

Why does South Carolina need telehealth?

People living in rural areas face many challenges when it comes to receiving medical care: cost, distance, inability to travel, and often lack of insurance. According to recent census data, around 92% of the state’s geographical area is considered rural, and roughly 770,000 people live in these rural areas. Telehealth can help alleviate these problems—cost, distance, no access to transport—by being affordable and unaffected by distance or travel.

Why should providers get a telehealth platform?

In the past, has documented many ways that telehealth can benefit providers. However, this blog post is specifically about what telehealth can do for South Carolina providers. Healthcare providers have many different metrics by which they measure success: patient outcomes, patient satisfaction, profits. However, most providers just want to help people feel better and develop stronger doctor/patient relationships according to this 2017 study about what doctors want from healthcare. According to doctors in this study, time spent with their patients was the most valuable aspect of their practice. They can cut out other time conflicts using telehealth.

Thanks to South Carolina’s huge rural areas, many citizens here can’t receive care without telemedicine. If you’re a South Carolina provider who wants to feel like you’ve truly made a difference in the lives of your patients, why not pursue telehealth? It will let you reach the people who need help the most.

Why is the best choice for South Carolina providers

It’s quite a coincidence that Palmetto Care Connections started their annual telehealth summit back in 2013, because that’s the same year was founded. Charleston, SC is one of the birthplaces of, in fact (the other being Salt Lake City, UT).’s design shows it knows where it came from by having several features perfect for rural areas.

No downloads

Requiring no downloads makes it easy for people in rural areas to use Internet connections and broadband can be spotty in rural areas, so sometimes downloads are impossible.

Simple for patients is designed for simplicity, so people with poor technological literacy can understand it. A patient can simply click their provider’s link, type in their own name, then hop into a call on either their phone or computer. 

Free and secure has and will always have a free, HIPAA-compliant service for providers. For providers who are just hoping to deliver the best care possible, price and security shouldn’t be barriers. 

See why is the most trusted telehealth platform in South Carolina

Look at what other South Carolina providers are saying about

“Your telehealth system helped us adapt our practice to the pandemic and has now become an integral part of our practice.”

Dr. Robert McCarthy, Myrtle Beach

“Very easy to use and convenient”

Dr. Keith Scott, Abbeville

“Very reliable and my clients love it”

Mrs. Kelley Manuel, Elgin

We compiled all the reviews of from South Carolina-based providers, and synthesized them to create the graphic below, where the most common words appear the largest. 

Synthesis of reviews from South Carolina providers.

Fun facts about users in South Carolina

  • In South Carolina alone there are 15,865 users. 
  • Those users have made 2.8 million individual calls through, accounting for over 50 million minutes spent in telehealth calls. 
  • Over 2500 calls are made daily in South Carolina through . 
  • In the last 30 days, has saved South Carolina residents from driving 854,451 miles. For reference, the Earth’s circumference is about 24,900 miles. So South Carolina residents have been saved from driving around the world 34 times by in the past month. 

Perhaps it’s time to consider joining your peers. Sign up for free to today and bring your state the care it needs.