How Telemedicine is Transforming Healthcare


Telemedicine is rapidly transforming the face of healthcare. Through opening the lines of communication, telemedicine has become a way for people to talk to doctors who can help them deal with their medical conditions. Patients can get treatment faster whenever they need it.

While it may not be able to solve all problems facing an overburdened healthcare system, it is certainly a step forward in addressing non-emergency injuries and illnesses. In this article, we will explore some of the benefits to telemedicine, and ways it is improving healthcare today.

What Is Telemedicine?

Telemedicine connects health-care providers and patients to deliver real-time services over telecommunication platforms. Video conferencing, text messages or audio communication can be used, allowing for long-distance clinical care and patient contact. As a result, remote consultations can be set up at any time from any location.

Services such as standard clinical care, patient education, professional consultation or supervision, and more, can be arranged. To date, it has been improving service delivery whereby patients can conveniently consult with a healthcare professional on more minor issues without having to leave their home.

How is Telemedicine Transforming Healthcare?

This innovative approach to healthcare provides all kinds of advantages, including:

Healthcare Consultation 24/7

Telemedicine allows for 24/7 access to healthcare professionals whenever you may need them. Instead of having to wait for working hours, or being forced to visit an emergency room unnecessarily, you can now consult with one from your home at absolutely any time.

During a virtual consultation, you can address any non-emergency conditions with the professional on the other end. This means that you can get the care you need when you need it.

Other factors here include travel time, reliable transportation, and a lack of reliable medical care in the area around you. If you live somewhere remote, then having instant telemedicine access is a major advantage.

Access to Doctors

One of the main advantages of using telemedicine is how much easier it is to see a doctor. With doctor shortages being a reality worldwide, it can take ages to see a primary care physician. Depending on your location, this can sometimes take days to happen – a waiting period that is constantly growing.

As many people do not have a regular doctor, their first visit to see a primary care physician becomes delayed even further. Telemedicine breaks this waiting period, allowing you to access a doctor when you need them. You can set up a virtual appointment at any time, something that will make tending to your non-emergency condition a whole lot easier.

Faster Access to Specialty Care

Aside from providing better access to primary care physicians, telemedicine also makes it easier to access specialty care.

Many professionals outside of traditional medicine partake in telemedicine, including psychologists, oncologists, dieticians, and prenatal specialists, among others. The convenience of this is paramount, and currently, most US hospitals will actually connect with patients through telemedicine platforms. Furthermore, most medical aid programs do cover the costs of these services.

Lower Healthcare Costs

Utilizing telemedicine, you can avoid incurring unnecessary medical costs. Whether it is visiting the emergency room when you are unsure if you need to, or making an appointment with an expensive doctor, medical expenses can be incredibly high. By taking a more informed approach to consulting medical experts in person, you can limit these types of visits to only the times when you really need to.

The pressure isn’t only the patients receiving the healthcare either, as medical facilities feel financial strain taking on hospital admissions. Reducing overnight stays and admissions is therefore beneficial to both parties, provided the means to receive reliable healthcare through telemedicine remains present.

In any case, consulting with a professional via telecommunication beforehand means you can get advice as to whether elevated care is needed, thereby keeping costs in check.

Better Patient Monitoring

Many people may worry that using telemedicine restricts the kind of monitoring capabilities that doctors have. This is not the case at all. In fact, new technological advances have made it easy to properly monitor patient data from anywhere. This kind of remote monitoring makes it easier to get results from your doctors, who can then tell you what kind of treatment plan is required.

Improved Health Outcomes

Being able to access a doctor faster and around the clock brings a number of benefits. Early intervention regarding a condition means that patients won’t just sit around growing sicker while they wait to see a medical professional. The convenience factor of telemedicine allows diagnosis and a treatment plan to be put into effect much sooner.

Not only does this help to handle the medical condition straight away, but it also helps to reduce costs once again. By addressing the health issue early on, you can eliminate increased treatment costs that might be necessary further down the line.

Better Patient Engagement

Telemedicine is not there to replace traditional healthcare. Instead, it is here to improve it. Because you can get access to your health care professional from any location, this gives you the opportunity to build a relationship with the person.

When it comes to your medical history, this plays in your favor as it means one person knows and has access to your background without having to extensively consult medical records or other professionals you have seen in the past for more context.

Telemedicine breaks down the wall that restricts many people from accessing quality healthcare. You get to engage with professionals whenever an issue arises, allowing you to receive faster results and keep better track of your health.

Telemedicine is an innovative approach to healthcare that has helped to transform the way people access doctors and seek medical attention. Alongside traditional healthcare routines, it can provide significant benefits.

Using the approach, patients can consult with a doctor faster, at any time, and from any place. They get real-time medical assistance, allowing them to make an informed decision on treatment options. Besides the massive convenience of this, it can save money and improve relationships with healthcare professionals.

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