Bloomin’ Babies launches telemedicine pilot project

Overcoming obstacles to seeing your provider has always been a core reason for why was invented. Patients should not have any barriers in the way of being seen by their provider.  Joe Vaccarelli with the Daily Sentinel  writes a compelling article about how Bloomin’ Babies Birth Center is making it a little easier for pregnant moms to get the care they need.

The organization discovered Nest West, a program launched by the Mayo Clinic and also used at the University of Utah.

During some of her previous pregnancies,  all of which were low-risk, Aimee Baxter often wondered why she needed to  come in for such a quick appointment.

She feels this new option will help reduce stress, while still keeping a strong connection between her and the nurse.

“I  often thought, why did I have to come in? It was five minutes in and  out,” Baxter said. “I’m still going to feel connected, but not think I  went in just to do a couple things and find out it’s all par for the  course.”

Aimee Baxter, who is enrolled in the Nest West pilot program, measures her stomach.

Bloomin’ Babies Business Manager Dick  Kandiko said the program is beneficial not just for mothers traveling  long distances, but also for those who have trouble scheduling  appointments because of conflicts such as work.

“Some employers make it difficult for  employees to get off for an appointment,” he said. “It’s really a  convenience to have this program going.”

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