Shortage of Therapists for Hispanic Americans

Software Pundit recently published an article about the lack of mental health services for Hispanic Americans. According to Software Pundit, Hispanics face a growing mental health care crisis. Less than 6% of U.S. psychologists can provide services in Spanish even though 18% of Americans are Hispanic. Online therapy may help close the gap because therapists don’t have to be in the same location as their clients.

Sarah Serrano, a bilingual licensed clinical social worker in South Florida, conducts 100% of her practice's sessions through teletherapy, and about 65% of those are conducted in Spanish. Sarah did six months of personal research into the effectiveness of teletherapy before getting started. “I have had success with teletherapy. I am helping people and they feel like they’ve been helped. The interventions and outcomes are the same,” she says.
SoftwarePundit recommends for therapists looking to expand into telemedicine who cannot do this through their current practice management systems. currently has over 60,000 health care professionals using the platform to provide over 1 million telemedicine minutes per week.
Therapists who work with Hispanic clients should also consider whether the platform supports Spanish-language content. Sarah agrees. “What is missing in many of the solutions is the client portal being in Spanish. We have to make it possible for the patients to navigate the tools in their primary language. I’m happy that allows me to offer my Spanish speaking clients a portal in their native language,” she states.

You can read the article here. Sign up for a free account at and start practicing telemedicine today!

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