Get Digital Signatures with Teleconsent

While new electronic consents technologies (eConsent) help overcome  challenges related to readability and consent management, they do not  adequately address challenges related to remote access. To address this, uses an innovative solution called “teleconsent”, which  embeds the informed consent process into a telemedicine session.  Teleconsent allows a provider to remotely video conference with a  patient, display and interactively guide  patients in real-time through a consent form. When finished, the  provider and patient can electronically sign the consent form and  print or download the signed document for archiving. This process can  eliminate challenges related to travel and management of personnel at  remote sites. Teleconsent has been successfully implemented in several  clinical trials.

You can view a demonstration of teleconsent here.

A screenshot of a teleconsent session. Users edit and complete the consent document together in real time.

Our standard consent form comes free on the clinic account. To customize the consent forms it's $250 for 5 forms. Learn more here.

Courtney Larson

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