Ohio Insurers Are Now Required To Cover Virtual Doctor Visits

States are starting to catch on and pass legislation that requires insurance companies to reimburse for telemedicine visits. According to WOSU Public Media, Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine signed into legislation on July 18 that private insurance companies in the state must cover physician appointments conducted via telemedicine.

Doctors have been anxious to include telemedicine in their practice but until law guaranteed insurance payments, some were reluctant to purchase equipment and learn how to do it, said Reginald Fields, spokesman for the Ohio State Medical Association.
"If there is a service that your individual private insurance currently covers and pays for, if you were to go and see your physician in person, under coverage parity that same service will now has to be covered under telemedicine, telehealth as well," Fields said.
As more doctors offer services via electronic devices, it will also benefit people in rural areas, who often have to travel long distances so see a doctor, he said.
Telemedicine measures have been approved already in 35 other states, “so, Ohio is really kind of catching up,” he said.

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Courtney Larson

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