voted #1 telemedicine software was recently rated #1 telemedicine software according to techradar. was rated #1 because of our ease of use and the ability to have HIPAA compliant video calls for free. A rare feature in the competitive landscape of telemedicine.

Now with telemedicine software they can  use desktop computers or mobile devices to virtually visit patients who  might otherwise struggle to physically attend a clinical practice, not  least because of living in a remote region or isolated community.
The benefits for patients are obvious,  especially in areas with rural populations spread out over very large  areas, or in long-term care. For doctors the benefit isn't just the  reduced need to travel, but also the ability to work more efficiently.  Virtual waiting rooms that allow patients to directly log into means the  doctor is less likely to have to waste time waiting on missed  appointments. Additionally, telemedicine software can also be used in  emergency situations where remote clinical guidance is required. is the simple, free, and secure telemedicine solution. We've made telemedicine simple and easy for you. You can use a desktop, tablet, or mobile device. There is no software to download.

The biggest  selling point is that it's free to use for unlimited message, voice, and  video communications, making it invaluable tool for many practices.
There  are paid tiers available, which do increase the features available  beyond the basics. Although the Basic version is HIPAA complaint, both  the Professional and Clinic tiers offer additional security and  encryption on top of that.

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