Private Practice: Psychotherapist

I am a Psychotherapist in  private practice for several decades. My primary focus has been working  with individuals with a wide range of challenges including depression,  anxiety, ADHD, low self esteem, addictions etc. In addition, I offer  couple counselling to those seeking to enhance their relationship as  well as heal challenges. Another focus of my work is with those who are  functioning well but striving to attain higher heights. I welcome  clients from all walks of life and all backgrounds.

Many  years of study and practice were spent in Asian Monasteries with some  of the most renowned spiritual teachers of our time. Consequently there  is a strong leaning towards helping others deal with all of the  challenges life presents, using many of the tools learned during those  years to benefit others.

Up until a few years ago, I  worked out of an office in Toronto. A client that I had seen several  times in the office needed to be out of the country for a few months and  requested that we continue to meet online during her time away. I must  confess my doubts at the time regarding the possible efficacy of online  counselling. During our third online session a significant breakthrough  took place. All my ‘online’ doubts dissolved and lead me to adopt  virtual therapy as an invaluable part of my practice. I now work  exclusively online finding the convenience, security and benefits to be  compelling. Shut-ins, people living in remote areas with limited access  to therapy, couples with young children, busy executives and anyone  needing to take time off work to commute to an office appointment all  are served by this exceptional technology.

I chose to go with after reading glowing reviews and have found that they were not  exaggerated. My experience over the last two years with their platform  has been consistently positive. I therefore without reservation highly  recommend them.

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Courtney Larson

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