Five Ways Technology is Changing the Experience of Going to the Doctor

Jilea Hemmings recently interviewed one of our long time users, Joseph Krainin, M.D., Founder of SingularSleep, the first ever “virtual” sleep center.


According to the article, Joseph Krainin credits founder, Brandon Welch, as a real-life mentor instrumental in helping him develop the first pricipals that gave Singular Sleep a solid foundation.

Joseph Krainin shares the top five ways that technology is changing the experience of going to the doctor:

A) A new version of house calls — practices like Singular Sleep can now evaluate and manage patients from the place of their choosing.

B) Big Data — we obtain tremendous amounts of data remotely from “smart” CPAP machines that can be used to achieve better compliance with therapy and better outcomes; remote data acquisition is having impacts on other fields like cardiology and neurology

C) Digitized records — the days of paper charts overflowing with doctors’ notes are over; in the near future expect technology to deliver a personalized database of your records that will sync across all health care facilities and providers — kind of like an “Evernote” for your medical records

D) Virtual reality — this will become an essential tool for medical training; imagine your surgeon perfecting the latest technique with VR instead of practicing on you

E) Robotics — just like robots have revolutionized manufacturing, they will certainly be a game-changer in medicine. The days of the robot “doc in a box” from Prometheus are on the horizon.


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