is now GDPR Compliant

We are now supporting GDPR on our paid plans.

How we are compliant

Update to Privacy Policy

We have updated our privacy policy to make third party information more clear as well as adding specific GDPR language to it. You can see the privacy policy at:

Enable Custom TOS or Privacy Policy

Because GDPR requires specific opt-in for anyone that needs to comply with GDPR, you will need to upgrade your account to our Professional or Clinic plan so you can enable our custom TOS checkbox for your patients. You can use our Privacy Policy link if you don't have your own you want to use:
We don't store identifiable data on your patients

As with all our Plans we do not store Personally Identified Information about your patients. While certain information might be gathered for system performance and high-level analytics, PII is not store persistently. Specifically things like: name in check-in box, audio or video media, other data shared while using the application.
Why is GDPR only on paid plans?

GDPR requires an additional step that HIPPA does not require. That step requires you to have a Custom TOS checkbox. Our Custom TOS checkbox has always been on our paid plans. We still believe we are the best value and are dedicated to bringing you the best quality.

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