The Free Healthcare Clinic of Quebradillas, Puerto Rico

Sitting at the center of the small city of Quebradillas, Puerto Rico was a former hospital building abandoned for nearly 10 years. After the historic destruction caused by Hurricane Maria, it was the dream of the people to re-establish this once used facility. The first team of 5 people arrived to this facility 9 days after the hurricane to begin the painstaking process of preparing the facility for use and after merely 2 1/2 weeks, on October 13, we opened the doors to serve the people as a Free Walk-In Healthcare Clinic.
alt In our first week we served more than 200 patients and have been open M-F ever since, serving thousands more. Here we offer in patient care with a small staff of nurses and doctors as well as prescription medications, all free of charge.
alt Our Rockstar Nurses

On February 7, 2018 we added a Donation Distribution Center and in the first 30 day we handed out more than 24,000 desperately needed items, again, free of charge. We continue to progress each day as only about 1/4 of the entire facility is currently in use. We are here to serve the people who, for any reason, are not able to receive the proper healthcare and medications that they need and deserve.
alt alt We are now very excited to be using the platform to incorporate TeleMedicine. We will be setting up a TeleMedicine room in our clinic for patients to see doctors of all specialties, however, we feel the biggest benefit of incorporating TeleMedicine will be to get doctors to those who are not able to make it to our clinic.

Here in Quebradillas, and across Puerto Rico, there are many areas that are extremely hard to reach and include many patients who have no transportation or who are bedridden with terrible conditions. Because of the platform, we will now be able to place a doctor in the homes of these patients who otherwise would never see a doctor and never receive the medications they desperately need.
alt Our team of nurses will be reaching into the mountains across Quebradillas to provide one on one care and will now be able to pull up a doctor at a moments notice. This technology is a "game changer" for our clinic and for the people of Quebradillas, Puerto Rico.
alt With this technology we will be able to develop a comprehensive public health outreach program that will cover the entire municipality of Quebradillas, Puerto Rico. Again, all of our services are free of charge to the people. Thanks to, the future looks very bright and the possibilities are endless. alt You can support the efforts of our clinic by becoming a monthly sponsor and donating merely $5 per month.

  1. Go to
  2. Click "Become A Sponsor"
  3. Donate $5 and check the box that says "Make This A Monthly Donation"

"It is truly amazing how much impact the smallest act of kindness can have and how far that impact can reach. Together, we will continue to make miracles happen as the One Human Family that we are all apart of. Poco A Poco (Step by Step)."

Courtney Larson

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