From roadside pop-up desk to fully fledged practice, Te Atatū GPs succeed

Addressing the healthcare needs of patients and giving them different options on how to meet is a common reason why practitioners sign up for a account. Adding a telemedicine component to your practice can give patients easier access and availability to care.
According to New Zealand Doctor Online, the General Practitioners at Te Atatū Health are succeeding.

Three weeks into opening and Te Atatū Health has already switched PHOs, is enrolling up to 50 new patients a week, is about to bring onboard a third GP. Not growing too large or fast to restrict their ability to respond quickly and offer quality patient care is one of the ideals of their practice.

Dr Drader says they now have about 1200 patients, served by one-and-a-half full-time equivalent GPs, plus three nurses (2.5 FTE) who are able to make their own patient appointments for items like follow-ups or blood-pressure and diabetes checks.

“To have that number of patients within four weeks of opening is quite humbling,” she says.

The practice also offers email consults where appropriate, which could be just a quick question following an in-person consult, for between $10 and $22, and plans to bring in video consults using software.

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Courtney Larson

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