20,000+ Users Providing Telemedicine Care to Patients

We believe everyone should have access to telemedicine. It's rewarding to see 20,000+ health care professionals now using Doxy.me to provide over 8 million minutes worth of telemedicine!

Crazy right? We just surpassed our first 1 million minutes last summer. Doxy.me was officially released for any healthcare provider to use for free in June 2014.

To accommodate our rapid growth, we are making a few important improvements to Doxy.me:

Improved call quality Most users have great, high quality calls. However, some experience choppy video. If you experience poor quality, our new call optimization beta feature will help.

Teleconsent gets NIH funding We are participating in two NIH-funded grants to develop and evaluate a technology called teleconsent, a novel way to use Doxy.me to complete a research consent form.
New enhancements coming Over the next several months we are rolling out several minor changes and improvements to Doxy.me, including our new logo color.
We're changing telemedicine so you can change the world. Keep it up!

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Courtney Larson

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