Participants Needed for Tele-Supervision Study


At we’re committed to implementing applications that are based on the needs and clinical research of our healthcare providers. As a result, when our Director of Behavioral and Mental Health came to the team with an idea to contribute to mental health research we fully supported this goal. This study is for trainees, students, and licensed mental health professionals. The questionnaire’s focus is to better understand the needs for tele-supervision. The benefit of participating in this study will be the opportunity to provide us with your feedback for feature developments that incorporate the needs of mental health supervisees and licensed mental health supervisors.

Clinical supervision is a vital part of education and training in the field of mental health. Telehealth continues to be a newly developing treatment application across mental health specialties. Telehealth and telemedicine are the most common words utilized to describe the use of webcam, computer, and mobile applications to provide mental health via technology. In some specialties, tele-mental health or e-therapy are also common. The use of telehealth applications to provide clinical supervision to students and trainees increases access to informative training hours and supervision from licensed mental health professionals.

Due to the lack of clinical research data on clinical supervision via telehealth, this study will evaluate the feasibility and the need from the perspectives of both licensed professionals and students. This study will provide participants an opportunity to interactively participate in a telehealth survey. Student participants will be asked 7 questions to rate their needs and perspective on what types of features would be important for a telehealth supervision application. Licensed professionals/supervisors will be asked 9 questions to rate their needs for providing training and supervision via telehealth. Following data collection, the results will be compiled and reviewed to submit for publishing, and feature development.

To be a part of this study you must be 18 years of age or older, be able to read and understand English. Participants in this survey include both students and licensed mental health professionals. Participation is entirely voluntary, participation can be withdrawn at any time. All participant’s responses are confidential.

This survey will take 15-20 minutes to complete.

If you would like to participate please feel free to contact Gina Sprague, M.S., M.A., Psychology Doctoral Student at

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