Remote Consent for Clinical Trials

Attendees, of “Novel Approaches to Clinical Trials Recruitment”, were able to see a mock participant be remotely consented in real time, a feature that could markedly facilitate recruitment efforts. The University of Buffalo brought together researchers from all over the country to offer their ideas to improve recruitment strategies for clinical trials. Brandon Welch, Founder of, demonstrated Teleconsent via Watch the presentation here.


The issue is crucial; at present, recruitment of participants represents the single largest obstacle to successful clinical trials. The group reached consensus on at least one topic: the need for more empirical data, rather than guesswork and anecdotes, about what actually does and doesn’t work in the recruitment of subjects.

The importance of building trust between scientists and the community was a major recurring theme during the workshop.

The ideas generated in the workshop are being collated and will be posted on the workshop website. Next steps include further development of collaborative teams around promising ideas into innovative grant proposals.

Sign up for a free account here. Watch the presentation here If you are interested in our teleconsent survey please contact Brandon at

The workshop was sponsored by the UB Clinical and Translational Science Institute, supported by the National Center for Advancing Translational Sciences of the NIH under award number UL1TR001412.

Courtney Larson

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