Telemedicine Software Compared, Rated #1

Capterra recently released a review of various telemedicine companies. was rated #1, again. was ranked #1 for ease of use, easy setup, and customer support.

Capterra shared the rankings of the top five telemedicine companies:

  2. Zoom
  3. Sherpaa
  4. American Well
  5. WeCounsel

Last week, we talked about what’s next in telehealth technology, and, the week before that, I introduced you to some mHealth companies you need to know. This week, we’re getting all into the nitty-gritty. That’s right. I’m comparing some telemedicine software options. Buckle up, buckaroos.

In January of last year, the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) announced that physicians could use a telehealth visit to meet the requirement for a face-to-face visit before ordering home health services for Medicare patients.

Telemedicine has come a long way, baby.

* is an incredibly easy-to-use telemedicine software solution that is free for individual clinicians. Patients don’t have to download anything or log in anywhere to video or text chat with physicians. *

Read the rest of the article here. If you are interested in offering Telemedicine to your patients, is free and easy to use. You can learn more here.

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